Industrial Dryers

  • The system uses twin shaft mixing technology.

  • Hot air is blown into the dryer and mechanical fluidisation of the product ensures that all particles are surrounded by air.

  • Moisture is thereby extracted from the product and transported with the air (through a filter) out of the system.

  • By monitoring product temperature, together with inlet air temperature, appropriate process control is guaranteed.

  • Customised control system, automatic operation possible.

  • Ideal for drying powders, granulates and filter cakes.

  • High thermal efficiency.

  • Operates close to the product’s maximum allowable temperature, therefore minimising drying time.

  • Homogenous drying – no local overheating.

  • Closed-Loop Systems – constant drying conditions all year long, independant of ambient conditions.

  • Several processes are possible with the same machine: Mixing, Coating, Drying, Sterilisation and Granulation