Industrial Mixers/Blenders

  • High precision industrial mixers/blenders of Norwegian design, that are used in the food, feed, plastic, chemical amongst many other industries.DSCN0312 [clean background]

  • They consist of twin drums with counter-rotating rotors fitted with specifically angled paddles.

  • This design, combined with the calculated rotor speed, gives rise to the unique fluidised zone mixing.

  • Available in 12 different sizes from nominal 28 litre to nominal 5040 litres.

  • Model number indicates size, ie: G1400 has a maximum volume of 1400 litres.

  • Each model will work effectively between 30% and 100% of maximum filling volume, ie: G1400 can be operated effectively between 400 litres and 1400 litres of material to be mixed. Outside these limits, the machines are less effective.

  • Designed for blending of dry materials, but will handle liquid addition with ease.

  • Operates at low speed and is therefore very gentle so that even fragile constituents such as cornflakes, can be mixed.

  • When higher shear is required, we can supply machines with built-in Tulip Knives. These are fast-rotating, angular knives that will chop up lumps and agglomerates which may either be present or form during the mixing process.